Smart Fox Nutrition: about the name

Oké, after I had been in the Sports and Weight Control Nutrition business for more than 20 years, I had decided to start up my own company. To be honest, I knew in which directions the company would go, but things could still evolve into many different directions.
But what did I know for sure:

  1. The company would be going into Nutrition. Nutrition in my understanding means products that have not been made just for taste and texture, but with a specific nutritional purpose. This could be far going like high protein, low sugar, but also closer to home like natural/ clean label/ vegan. So to make that clear, I wanted to have Nutrition in.
  2. Having worked in the nutrition bar field all this time, I wanted to explore other products and segments as well. When I started I felt I was scouring the marketplace for new products, new connections. I felt like a fox moving around to find the best places for food, hence Fox.
  3. I felt that if I wanted to make a difference, I needed to work on being Smart in what I do, how we would do it in the years to come. To be Smart you need to keep going, it is a continuous process, not a status. Something to keep reminding myself of for focusing on. So I chose to also have that as part of the company name, as a humble reminder.

So, that is what it is, the company name was born: SMART FOX NUTRITION
We are Exploring the Opportunities on the Market of Nutrition, with a Focus on doing it in a Smart way.

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