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A business and concept development company, for branded and non-branded private label nutrition products


trade and distribute branded and non-branded private label products

Sales trough a wide network

You are an expert in developing (tailor made) nutrition products and need access to European players to build market?

We have built our network over the years, and keep on exploring the market for new companies, new options, new connections. We can help you to connect with players to partner with. We guide the process of development and introduction.

supplier search

Supplier search, Trend Watching, consultancy

You know want you want but not where to get it? Or do you want to know more about the market?

We help in getting the latest trends and developments on the market, as well as finding that supplier for you that fits your needs in product, packaging and volumes.

R&D Project Management Develop concepts & markets

Development & Project Management

You have an idea but do not know where to start? A product is more than just a product. It is a combination of many factors.

We have been there. We understand timelines, have worked with packaging designs before, have seen what aspects to take into account when developing a new product or range.

Your local guide in NUTRITION

We know places, people... we get around

With more than 20 years of experience in the B2B Sports and Healthy Snacking Nutrition area we know where to go, who to ask for advice, and why small things matter. We understand that cultural differences between markets and companies can have a big effect on your success rate.
Consider us your guide in the world of Nutrition.
A product is more than just a product; it is the right combination of ingredients, it is packaging, it is design, it is finding the right ingredients, benefit and production techniques. We are dedicated to find that new trend, that customer you are looking or that product that you could not get hold of.
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When I started in the market of Sports and Weight Control nutrition in the late nineties, this was a market that little people did believe in.

This slowly changed from 2002 onward into today’s market where everybody seems to be jumping into the active nutrition aisle.

Our core product was B2B nutrition bars, but many times I felt we could do more than just offer products. We could help out companies by helping them to understand the market better.

I wanted to be able to do more with the experience, the network, the options that this market offers. Get even closer to the market.

Next to that I had been on the commercial side of B2B all this time and wanted to deep dive more into the product development side of it.

By looking into the latest trends, by continuously looking for the latest developments from (B2B)-companies and by bringing our knowledge and experience of the market to table we are dedicated to bring you the best.

That is the background of starting Smart Fox Nutrition.

Our mission is to help you in getting the best products for your market by delivering more than just a product.