Organic High Protein Date Balls Filled with Nut Butter

Filled Date Ball Organic

22% protein
High Fibre

These protein balls have been developed to create a Vegan and Organic option and still have a high protein claim. We felt that the date balls already out there on the market mostly we very dry and our aim was to develop a tastier option.

Next to that we wanted the peanut butter filling to stand out. It had to take up a reasonable part of the product. If you bite it, and look at the product, one needs to see the filling, otherwise it would be no use of adding it.


Ingredients and Nutrition table:

dates*, PEANUT butter* 20%, SOY protein*, ALMONDS*, HAZELNUTS*, SOY nuggets*, cocoa powder*

* = from Organic Source

Packaging option:

Balls can be packed onto a piece of cardboard for stability and then flowwrapped.

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